Congratulations. You have just discovered the "Composta"!

You would LOVE to join the War on Waste revolution and dispose of your organic kitchen waste responsibly. And you would be THRILLED if you could just keep those herbs and vegies alive so you could eat something homegrown.

BUT...composting and wormfarming is time consuming, and you don’t have time. Or you need a yard and some actual space to do all that, and you live in a lovely yet compact apartment. And in your experience, wormfarms and compost bins are not all that presentable, and nice-looking decor matters to you. 

Well, we'd like you to meet the "Composta".

Invented in 2010 by Brad Travis, the Composta is an all-in-one Wormfarm and Garden. Using your everyday kitchen scraps and the magic of Composting Worms, a rich organic fertilizer is produced which instantly feeds your plants growing within. All you do is place your kitchen waste down the centre tower. It’s THAT simple.

Easy to use, clean and stylish, the Composta helps you to help your planet.  So what are you waiting for?!  Let's get Composta'ing!